A second Wedding Car?

A question we get asked is do i need a second car for the Bridesmaids or possibly Groom?  There are a few options here If you have a large Bridal party or the overall round trip distance to the Ceremony from the pick up is to far for it to be a practical consideration for a single wedding car to undertake.

Family/Friends Cars often help out on the day with the second car but if this is not possible then an official second Wedding car could be needed. There are quite a number of Vehicles for a second wedding car to choose from however the choice narrows considerably when there are more than 4 passengers.

We will only recommend Wedding Car and Wedding Bus Companies whom we have personally worked with & seen the actual vehicles.  A few examples we have worked with can be seen below.

Striking & totally unique. A combination of two Classic MK2 Jaguars. This pairing of the two MK2 Jaguars is available in certain areas. Please contact us to check availability with our associate & if you would like a quote for the pair of Mk2 Jaguars.

A Modern S Type Jaguar for the Bridesmaids or Groom with our MK2 makes a very nice combination. With our Classic MK2 Jaguar as the Bridal Car and the Modern Jaguar as the second Car. An executive E or S Class Mercedes as the second car is another option we have often worked with.

A six door Mercedes or Daimler DS 420 if you have more than 4 passengers can be a consideration. If Limo style cars are not to your taste there are a couple of other vehicles we have worked with that can carry Five or more people… please ask for more detail.

Vintage Buses have become very popular and can carry a number of people.

We will check availability & make the necessary arrangements with our associates on your behalf if you need a second official Wedding Car & recommend certain companies that supply Vintage Buses. After we have confirmed your wedding date a separate booking contract will be sent to you by our associate.

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