A second Wedding Car

A question we get asked is do i need a second car for the Bridal Party or possibly Groom?

Its worth considering if the Bridal Car can do 2 journeys to the Ceremony Venue from your pick up. If this is practical to do depends on the round trip distance & journey time. If this journey is More than a few miles it would mean the Bridal party on the first journey bring ready to leave the pick up address then arriving at the ceremony venue earlier than would be ideal.

If the overall round trip distance & time to the Ceremony from the pick up is considered to be to far for it to be a consideration for a single wedding car to undertake or you have a large Bridal Party then there are various options for a Second Wedding Car.

Family/Friends Cars often help out on the day with the second car but if this is not possible then an official second Wedding car could be needed. There are quite a number of Vehicles for a second wedding car to choose from however the choice narrows considerably when there are more than 4 passengers.

To Maintain Very High Standards we will only recommend Wedding Car and Wedding Bus Companies whom we have personally worked with & seen the actual vehicles.  A few examples we have worked with can be seen below.

Striking & totally unique. A combination of two Classic MK2 Jaguars. This pairing of the two MK2 Jaguars is available in certain areas. Please contact us to check availability with our long standing associate if you would like a quote for this unique pair of Mk2 Jaguars.

A Modern S Type Jaguar for the Bridesmaids or Groom with our MK2 makes a very nice combination. With our Classic MK2 Jaguar as the Bridal Car and the Modern Jaguar as the second Car. An executive E or S Class Mercedes as the second car is another option we have often worked with.

A six door Mercedes or Daimler DS 420 if you have more than 4 passengers can be a consideration. If Limo style cars are not to your taste there are a couple of other vehicles we have worked with that can carry Five or more people… please ask for more detail.

Vintage Buses have become very popular and can carry a number of people, we can recommend companies whom we have worked with.

We are not Wedding Car Brokers but If you need a second official Wedding Car we will check availability on a selected car with any of our associates on your behalf. If you then want to book we will pass on wedding details provided to our associate & ask them to put a provisional reservation on your wedding date. They will then simply contact you direct to confirm your wedding.

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