Champagne for after your Ceremony

There are numerous Regulations that professional wedding car companies have to adhere to. One of them being the supplying of Champagne or any Alcohol.

The law states with the Licensing Act 2003 that No wedding car company can legally supply Champagne even if its claimed to be a Wedding Gift /Complimentary /Free or anything else unless that company has a licence to sell Alcohol.

Fortunately though we can serve Champagne to you after your ceremony if the Champagne is provided to us. We would be pleased to serve Champagne in the car as we leave en route to the reception. We just need to get a bottle or half a bottle of Champagne from you at the pick up. We will do the rest supplying glass Champagne flutes, a cooler and some ice packs.

We also offer the option of a 15/20 minute Champagne drive out after your ceremony in the car with champagne supplied by the wedding venue if your wedding is all at a single location. 

Care should be taken not to supply any Beverage that could possibly stain Wedding Attire.